Let’s get things moving

Only the pulse with the right force and thrust direction at the right time creates the desired effect. Good communication brings emotionality and rationality into perfect combination. We prefer to convince by facts and reliability. This is how your work makes waves to the desired extent. In the media, in the social networks, with their business partners and employees and in politics. And where their network has stopped so far, for example abroad and in new industry segments.

Together we convince new and old partners, customers and employees of you and your offer. You do not need filigreely maintained press distributors, no press releases in excess. You and your team are the story. Together, we are working to ensure that she arrives where she is supposed to arrive. Forward-looking and predictable, if necessary ad hoc and emphatic.

Do you really need a PR agency? Let’s find out.

Rogl Consult is not a PR agency, but the sparring partner for your operational and media success. We do not only create good news, we also know how to implement it. We help you on the way to your very own optimal communication strategy. And if necessary, we also help you to find the perfect PR agency – if you need one at all.

Successful public relations is also a matter for the boss. And easy to do with the right partner at your side. Dirk Rogl has decades of experience in both the media and tourism industries. He worked as a journalist, travel trade editor, and as Head of Communications at Unister Travel, Germany’s former leading Online Travel Agency. The result is a unique network and in-depth tourist expertise.


“I’m there for you when things get serious. I’d rather make sure it stays relaxed.
Competent, unexcited and discreet.”

Auf der Tonspur

Get it right.

The basis is a fair and individual needs analysis for your communication work

The first goal is an individual communication strategy tailored to your needs and your market environment. Communication from the pole makes no sense. It is always the result of her successful work.

Do you want to get even better?  We offer neutral support in setting up and optimizing their communication work. Together we prepare topics and create the perfect organization for their communication work. The competence thus developed remains in your company. We offer support, advice, and support more quickly. As a sparring partner and source of ideas for you and your colleagues in marketing and communication. Reliable and confidential.

In addition, there is coaching and preparation of interviews and events, coordination of marketing and communication goals, the reorganization of customer dialogue and reputation management, the optimization of their reputation – but also not only in social networks and the effort of a holistic public relations strategy, which also reaches their business partners and the public sector.

And when it becomes necessary, I stand for their media coverage and crisis communication in an emergency.

Communication helps!

Competence is the basis of communication. I know all sides of media work, your business and the issues that drive us. Benefit from it.